You are in the black list of banks or what to do when you refuse a loan

You have no credit history, you first want to take money from a bank in debt, you consider yourself a solvent person, but the Bank refuses you in granting a loan.

Polar Situation: You have a bad credit history, there have been a delay in credit payments, there are outstanding loans, there is no certificate of income and from the place of work — the bank refused you to credit funds.

Banks are not disclosed for what reasons they refuse to customers. However, the potential applicant is not so important. When money urgently needs — the result is important.

Perhaps you are asking too much amount perhaps the bank has doubts about the accuracy of your data and solvency, perhaps some inaccuracies in the questionnaire or in the application.

Haton Credit will assist in obtaining a loan even if:

· You have a bad credit history.

· There is no official income.

· Need a big amount of money and urgently.

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