Why Overdraft is in demand among the population

Such bank loan agreements as

Features overdraft loan

The main advantage of overdraft is that it is already on the available map (salary or simply debit). There is no need to produce some new card and memorize a PIN code from it. The period for lending varies

The overdraft size can no longer than the real amount of the income of the borrower on a specific map, while on a regular credit card can be installed a limit of bank money, exceeding several times the total earnings of the client per month.

Repayments to borrowed funds with overdraft occurs immediately with the payment of the card. But it is worth noting that the level of interest rates on this product is much higher than

What is the relevance of overdraft

There is no need to issue a new agreement on the card with a loan and wait until it is issued, therefore, it is not necessary to pay for its release and service;

Technical Overdraft you are given once, but you can use credit funds during the entire period of the available card;

Do not have to memorize a specific date in order to pay off debt, repayment is performed automatically;

Minor overpayment amount with a condition if you pay for debt on a time limit.

Today, banking institutions have developed an overdraft agreement on which they can cooperate both with individuals and IP and with legal entities.