Why credit feuses are difficult to arrange «credit holidays»

One of the events from state support of the government should be the provision of borrowers

Over the past months, most clients of banking institutions appealed to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation with numerous complaints about what unreigned failures in providing the program

The Central Bank claims that cases of failures without reason will be extremely rare. As for the possibility of providing customers with a delay in monthly payments under loan agreements, here the refusal may come due to the inconsistency of a certain list of requirements prescribed in the Federal Law.

In order for the client to approve the implementation of the Vacation program, it is important to provide a document in which there would be a decline in profits. But many of the borrowers cannot do this. The fact is that in this case only

Banking institutions noted that many citizens do not quite understand the essence of the «credit holidays», besides the release from repayment of debt and interest on it. It must be remembered that this is only a delay in the implementation of payments according to