Where to take money on the security of the property

Contract for the security of property

Financial broker

How is the procedure for designing a loan secured by property

Real estate must meet the following characteristics:

· There are no disputes on property rights;

· Your property is not arrested;

· Property object is not the status of an architecture monument.

If you prefer to cooperate with a banking institution, then in order to make the design of all required documents, it will take a lot of time, up to 1 month or more. At the same time, the probability of obtaining a refusal to organize is great. Sign a loan agreement secured by the real estate object without excessive energy and time costs in the company

Registration is carried out for customers based on the following parameters:

Citizen of Russia;

Permissible age of 21-75 years, in some cases up to 65 years;

The size of the loan from 50 million rubles to 500,000 million rubles;

Conclusion of the contract in the period up to 30 years;

Documents: Passport, SNILS, extract from EGRN or certificate of ownership;

The level of the loan rate is from 7%.

An important advantage in collaboration with the organization

Why it is profitable to contact the financial broker «Haton

· Employees work quickly and save the client time, the decision to issue a loan arrives at the same time as you managed to fill out the fields of the application;

· There is no need to renew the property object;

· Do not write relatives;

· You can request operation

· Individually considers the ability to make the interest rate under the contract;


· You can in the process of preparing a package of documents ask the bank not to include your loan insurance, or write a statement about the return of funds for insurance. This will save 30% of the overall loan;

· Escort, detailed consultation, selection of attractive conditions under the contract, drawing up a schedule for repayment of monthly payments, taking into account your wishes;

· Free work performed, if suddenly you could not arrange a loan agreement;

· The organization does not request confirmation of the target use of credit;

· Cooperation with individuals and legal entities;

· Prepayment for firming services

· At a convenient time for you, you have the right to make an early closure of a loan account without a commission and imposing a fine;

· You can try

If you plan to conclude a deal to receive money on the security of the property on mutually beneficial conditions — go to the official page