Where to take loan funds on the security of objects of commercial property

Loan with security in the form

Where can I conclude a loan agreement under the mortgage property on the most convenient conditions

Financial broker

· 80% of the total value from commercial property, taking into account market prices;

· Processing of the completed application for a short time;

· No need to prove its financial consistency with the help of relevant documents;

· Absolutely no matter what credit history you came to the organization at the time of registration of the application;

· There is a possibility of reducing the level of interest rate on the loan issued.

To make a firm with you to credit relationships a loan must answer

· The presence of citizenship of Russia;

· Age 21-75 years;

· The commercial real estate object must have an excellent condition (not an emergency);

· The collateral object should not be in the status of arrest, or is already set as a deposit.