Where to find cash secured by car

If finance is urgently needed for a large amount, you can use a certain type of lending —

Financial organization of brokerage services

Loan design settings with provision

To make the car as collateral, it must comply with the following characteristics:

· The collateral object should not be in the status of registered burden. That is, it is necessary to exclude any right appointment;

· The subject that fulfills the role of collateral in the bank should be as the ownership of a loan (individual or legal entity);

· The period of use of the car should not exceed 30 years;


· Cash provision guarantee of 95% of the average market price;

· No need to prove its financial stability;

· Payment of services firm

Requirements when receiving a loan secured by T / C

The borrower must comply with the following list of requirements:

· Admissible age of 21-75 years;

· Citizenship of the Russian Federation;

· Availability of own car;


· Domestic machines — no more than 15 years;

Documents that will need to be submitted to the creditor under the lending program secured by the car:

· Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, SNILS;

· STS (T / C certificate);

· PTS (passport on t / s);

· Driver’s license;

· Photograph of the car.

The full package of documents is formed individually, some papers may be required additionally depending on the selected credit product.

Based on statistics information, the percentage of citizens applied for issuing a loan using the provision of its own car — tends to rapid growth. Moscow ranks first among other areas

The main advantages of the loan secured by the T / C:

It is important to understand that the size of the loan issued entirely depends on the estimated value of the car itself. First of all, inspection will be conducted and external appearance, technical characteristics, car brand, year, total mileage will be considered.

The greatest attractiveness for the lender is represented

To quickly consider the issue of a request for credit resources with the provision of security in the form of a car, a potential borodent can enter the Internet portal of a financial broker.