The State Project «Young Family» makes add-ons

In the state project

What will they bring and what to expect from state aid?

The project entered into force on August 1. According to the data, citizens subsidies will be able to spend on

What is the essence of the program

It must be said that this is a government program aimed at improving the standard of living of young citizens consisting of family relations. Such families can count on receiving matworks in the form of social payments.

How to understand the term «young family»

Two citizens who are in the marriage union, as well as single parents, which are not yet 36 years old. In case, at least someone reached the age of 36 years, the support program will not act for such a family. Young families are paid

We will understand where cash assistance comes

The budget allocates finances that, according to the result, fall on the settlement account of the seller’s organization or in

How determines the amount of the amount of payment

The amount is calculated based on how the family lives in the region and how many people are in the family. Based on these parameters, someone can get 400,000 rubles, and someone over 1 million rubles.

In what snag

The program is not so available as it seems. The subsidy will have to survive, as funding implies limited resources and is enough not to all families.

In priority so-called

What are the changes in the program

The first mortgage payment can be made with a purchase and sale agreement, the assignment of the requirements and DDU.

Debt and interest can be repaid on a refinanced contract.

Payment can be paid directly to the account of the developer.

The social range can be sent to pay the housing under payment, which was issued under the assignment contract.

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