The Ministry of Labor of Russia has advanced the requirements forbid to dismiss workers

Because of the coronavir pandemic, many business entities have to undergo changes in their activities. It is impossible to deny, but the situation had a negative impact on the work of enterprises.

The leadership of the Ministry of Labor is concerned about the uncontrolled growth of citizens who lose their place of work. In this connection, considers it necessary to regulate the labor relations necessary in legislative procedure, which will only act this year due to COVID-19. The rapid increase in the growth rate of unemployed citizens can lead to

In the ruling

The Ministry of Labor also intends to change the time when the employer should notify his employee about changes in the employment contract. Planned 2 months to reduce to

The program of the ruling nevertheless has its own risks for workers — neglect and ignoring their rights, in order to unload the mechanism of functioning of the business itself. The heads seeking to somehow correct the financial situation of the company and reduce the cost base, can send an employee on vacation without providing funds. According to the expert group, the dismissal process is exclusively

It can be concluded that the norms of labor legislation are not respected. In connection with such a complex position and an unprecedented number of people who are left without work, the government solved somehow amend the law and resolve relations within the organization by law. With this state of affairs, the Russian government does not see the need to declare in the country