The Ministry of Economic Development insists on the transition of enterprises to work on international standards

The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation considers it necessary to work in the work of international enterprises

Business entities will have to work a consistent transition plan

Before you launch new rules in the functioning of enterprises and organizations, we should weigh the risk that something can not go according to plan: the recommendations may be violated, in the consequence of all actions that will not respond to previously stated OVB standards , immediately stop. If the already built relationships cannot go to new OVB standards, according to the instructions, it will be necessary to suspend them, despite the fact that these relationships between counterparties may be favorable. In addition, the Ministry suggests business entities to take the initiative and participate in the introduction

The ministry notes that implementation recommendations are in terms of conditions

According to experts, direct costs for the implementation of OVB standards will be equal

Representative of the NKR Dmitry Orekhov

The pandemic opened the negative aspects of the existing system of work of enterprises, which the main purpose of their activities put profit. For example, the low level of hospital payments in most firms forced the government of most states to introduce tough quarantine measures, as it became clear that they would not be able to stay at home for their will of workers. The restrictive mode of restrictive measures that began to operate at the end of March of this year due to the global spread of the COVID-19 virus, have led many companies to unbearable survival conditions. Already for the extent

Enterprises who carry financial losses and need to invest and replenish funds, will have to overcome a complex way out of the crisis. The cost estimate of the transition to the new program according to OVB standards implies a solid restructuring of internal processes and restructuring the working system. According to the analysis of experts, large enterprises of the Russian Federation are more prepared for changes in work than SMEs.

In the country, today there are enterprises that work on a new strategy. These are companies from mining and metallurgical, energy, petrochemical, aluminum and investment industries.