The demand of citizens of the Russian Federation on consumer loans becomes the same as before the coronavirus epidemic

The interest of the population to make credit programs again returned to the values that were observed before the COVID-19 coronavirus infection epidemic. The total flow of borrowers for the design of new loans to this summer was the same as he was at the beginning of 2020. According to bank institutions, we use the greatest demand.

In the first month of summer, the total amount of applications of individuals on the conclusion of credit programs exceeded the value that was observed in January of the current year. In April and May — 95% and 88%, respectively. In March, credit and financial institutions have implemented a record number of credit contracts for individuals, the total amount of which amounted to 16% more than January indicators.

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What loans are interested in borrowers now

It is worth noting that the recovery of sales of loan contracts is unevenly, for example,

For what reasons the demand for lending began to increase again

Sanitary and epidemiological measures and restrictions implemented in April and May led to the formation

At the moment, citizens are again interested in the execution of credit programs due to the decline in their own income. State assistance in obtaining real estate through mortgage on preferential parameters also affected the increase in the interest of potential borrowers.