The Central Bank of Russia plans to reduce the interest rate on loans for JUR.

The representative office of the Central Bank of the country on June 19 made an initiative to implement a number of activities, thanks to which it will be possible to produce

In the past, the level of preferential rate on credit propospensions of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation was

The central bank of the state considers possible ways to solve the situation in the country due to the rapid spread of coronavirus. Because of the crisis, the macroeconomic indicators of the state indicate the slowdown in the financial development of the state. The main goal of the Government of the Russian Federation is to facilitate the financial component of citizens, all branches of business and the economy as a whole for the country. To achieve such goals, the implementation of the introduction of special procedures for supporting legal entities and individuals who suffered damage and was most noticeable for quarantine:

· Providing preferential lending programs with a decrease in the interest rate level;

· Consent to the application

· The ability to postpone the period for the payment of tax fees and deductions;

· Providing financial support in the form of cash payments to citizens with an unstable earnings and unprotected position.

It is also worth noting that on June 19, the Central Bank of the state conducted a decrease in the country’s base rate for 1 percentage, reducing its importance

Bank of Russia in accordance with basic forecasts will consider the feasibility of further

Changes in inflation in the current year and the first half of next year will develop under the influence of stressful fall in demand at the inner and external level. According to preliminary calculations, inflation per year is equal to almost