The Cabinet of Ministers will simplify the system of issuing subsidies for the payment of utility bills

The Russian government is working to ensure that citizens of the country did not have to receive special references with a reflection of the lack of debt so that they had the opportunity to get


The State Duma decided to make it easier to allocate subsidies to citizens

The Russian officials worked on this issue and prepared on August 11, the relevant regulatory act. The authorized body will have to collect all the necessary information using the electronic mechanism

the main objective

The Cabinet of Ministers will do everything possible so that at the legislative level it does not have to spend his time to run on numerous instances to collect references, thereby simplifying the process of obtaining matsiness from the treasury.

Let’s talk about how to issue subsidies for paying for LCD

Since the beginning of 2021, the population of the Russian Federation, which wishes to make execution of the right to receive a subsidy for payment of the LCD, can no longer provide

As it was before

If a citizen still had any non-paid utility bills, there was only one possibility of obtaining the right to provide


What rules will now be allocated for finances?


You may refuse only with one case! There will be a refusal to help if there is unpaid debt and a judicial act was published, which refers to the debts for the last three years (no more). In this case, you can issue