The benefit is unemployed will increase to half of the lost wages

In FNPR, it was proposed to determine

The idea of providing support from the government in this difficult period is very important, so many people in addition to all expenses have and taken upon themselves

If such a bill is approved by government representatives, then the material assistance to citizens will be 12 thousand rubles, and 51 thousand rubles will reach the maximum. David Cristal notes that it is very important that the benefit is at least 50% of the lost wages. But to be sure in such numbers can be referred to as the prescription of the Convention of the International Organization for Labor.

Ministry of Labor

But it is worth noting that in addition to the state department, the government assists those persons who have decided to take advantage of

Unfortunately, unemployment is rapidly gaining momentum, and this is despite the fact that officials have shown the initiative and have taken action to stop it as soon as possible. If you look at the statistics of the Russian Federation, you can see that after the 2nd quarter of 2020, people who have lost their work and earnings have become more than 30% compared with the same period, but a year earlier.

Now let’s talk about numbers

Measures taken due to epidemic in August will act. The one who has lost job after the start of March will be able to get the most allowed payment in the amount of

Important. Those who had violations in labor discipline and so on will not receive money.

IP, which also had to stop their activities after the beginning of March, can also count on mats in such an amount —

4, 5 thousand rubles