Tax reliefs for representatives of SMEs

Russian officials in the spring of this year have shown the initiative in the implementation of a reduction in the financial burden relative to SMEs:


· Reducing the tax burden;

· Delays on payments, credit holidays and more.

It should be noted that the Russian government adopted and approved the regulatory act, according to which representatives of SMEs will be able to use

Who is suitable for transient taxes

Entrepreneurs who have at the end of the established period there are a total amount of income more than 150 million rubles, but does not exceed 200 million rubles.

Regarding the number of employed employees in the middle and small business, indicators may be equal to more than 100 people, but not exceed 130 workers.

If the entrepreneur could not comply with these limitations, then subsequently loses the ability to use the UPN system. The interest rate rate in this form of tax implies

According to USN, businessmen are entitled to produce tax payments at a rate of 6% from the volume of revenue, or 15% of the amount that is equal to the difference between all revenues and expenses. If the installed limits on the revenue and the number of employees have an excess, the business entity automatically goes to

The government has provided

Ministry of Economy reports that order