Self-employed will receive state support in the fall

State bodies will affect the possible prospects of citizens who are in status

Self-employed, who is it?

It is worth considering the concept of self-employed citizens. Why are they so called? The essence of such a term reflects that the Russian who decided to no longer work on someone and not to be subordinate to some workers, can rightly be called

Officials decided to take care of pressing issues and consider the prospects for the activities of self-employed:

How to open and simplify the mechanism of access to self-employed to all sorts of loan agreements and

Simplify and improve SME support infrastructure.

The legislative bodies have prepared a special project, which will begin its action in the fall of 2020. Thanks to this document, self-employed citizens will be able to expect support on property, informational, educational and financial issues.

The composition of self-employed

· 10% of self-employed Russians are registered IP;

· 90% are individuals who have no statuses, and also lead and carry out their work, while they do not need to pay the state duty and register themselves as an individual entrepreneur, in addition, it will be necessary to regularly deduct tax payments to the state budget from their profits. For services provided.

The greatest relevance status of self-employed by drivers, landlords of real estate and builders.

Slightly stories

The status of self-employed as a concept was formed on January 1 in 2019 and was applied in such regions as: Moscow and its area, Kalugan and Tatarstan. But already on July 1 of this year, after 1.5 years, such a format of work became available for almost all regions of the country. If you look at the statistics, then approximately 850,000 people lead their activities as self-employed, the total income amounted to about 110 billion rubles.

If you want to become self-employed that you need to know

Citizens work and at the same time should not hire anyone.

4% lists the budget if cooperation with individuals and 6% with legal, respectively.

The main goal of using such a form of work, as «self-employed» — the struggle against illegal work and raising the income part of the state budget.