Russians cease to believe Fin pyramids and choose legal investment sites

Russians are becoming increasingly cautious and vigilant. People have become less likely to invest in financial pyramids and more actively invest money on legal sites.

Since the beginning of 2019, more than 1 million private investors began to trade in the stock market.

At the same time, part of Fin pyramids managed to detect even at the stage of the advertising campaign on the Internet and social networks, before they began to attract money money. Calculate the deceiversants are helping citizens themselves — they promptly inform the Bank of Russia on suspicious projects.

«Agricultural projects» look very realistic, and the presentation is convincing. The attackers offer potential investors «understandable business» with normal profits — not by extradcts, but dozens percent. The criminals use that the majority of people are not ready to fly to the «place of production». Having received money, scammers just disappear.

In just three quarters of 2019, the Bank of Russia revealed 2165 fraudulent financial institutions, three quarters of which (1576) are traditionally black lenders.