Russian President V. V. Putin delivered an initiative to increase the limit of preferential mortgage

On June 23 V. V. Putin proposed to expand mortgage lending on preferential parameters to real estate objects, the estimated value of which will not exceed 6 million rubles. Recall, earlier the size of the mortgage amount for the purchase of a real estate facility was equal to 3 million rubles and now increased

Vladimir Putin reports that the government should provide the opportunity to have a comfortable and decent accommodation. Therefore, an increase should be made

It was also proposed to reduce the level of the mortgage rate and, if possible, to reduce to the minimum threshold, the initial contribution, and the banking institutions were recommended to consider mitigating the conditions under the mortgages provided.

From deputies also received a proposal by the head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Elvira Nabiullina to increase the time of contracts for preferential mortgage for the entire next year. In June of this year, Duma officials supported a legislative project, through which the population will be able to conduct mortgage payments