Russian citizens had to give benefits for the child for accumulated debts

Russian population massively sent

The fact is that in one well-known payment service, it was noted that at the date, when public benefits were enrolled, a massive payment of loans and loans of citizens was recorded. When state restrictions in Russia declared state restrictions in the form of quarantine during the April-May period arose problems in order to make a contribution to the loans of many borrowers. Almost all borrowers have difficulties: it is necessary to pay, and they simply have nothing to pay. As a result, the received benefits that were originally planned for children were spent on repayment of loans.

It is worth adding, in the fall of this year thousands of citizens massively lose their income, since during this period will cancel

It is absolutely not surprising that lenders use children’s benefits, it is not news. In June, the banking companies received a large number of complaints with the fact that the client does not have time to take advantage of social assistance from the state at its discretion, since all funds are discharged to the account of credit agreements.

How is it possible why this happens?

The client of one bank wrote in his complaint that she did not have time to take advantage of the payment, which was designed for the child, because there were no moments, but no money — they all went to the account of the creditor for paying for a loan. Another client of the financial firm wrote that banks select the money that had to go to food for her children.


It turned out that during the epidemic period, the amount of payments for repayment