Rules for using credit cards abroad

Ride abroad is better with a credit card decorated in dollars or euros. The fact is that when paying for a ruble map, the purchase amount will be converted to the currency in which the calculations are made in this country, and for this process you will have to pay the Commission, and this is at least 0.5% of the amount of the operation.

The electronic payment system has already reached a fairly high level of development. However, the security of payments differs depending on the country and place of the calculation. The safest payment method is the terminal, all transactions made with it can be called absolutely secure for customers. But the installation of the terminal is quite costly process, and many restaurants, hotels and shops of small tourist cities saved on it. Payment for goods or services is as follows: An employee of the institution independently contributes data on your card to computer software or other network access device. It is important to know that such a calculation method is the most dangerous — if the map turns out to be in the hands of a dishonest person, it can save its secret data — CVV2 / CVC2 code.

This information is a key of access when paying through the Internet and will allow an unauthorized person to dispose of your money. For your safety, in the case when payment through the terminal is impossible, it is better to pay for goods or services in cash.

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