Restrain with delay

Brokerage Services Agency

In which case, the customer is suitable for rersolfing with delay

Any customer can get into a difficult position and cannot be able to cope with monthly payments. Because of what, in most cases, the reboot is the best way out of the current situation, for example:

· Urgently, the loan will need the loan to the loan, while he already has a loan with a pledge of the property object, for whose obligations he cannot respond and receives penalties and fines. If you allow a delay, the risk appears, and the option with the preparation of the contract

· In the presence of the loans, there are already several loans, and it makes sense to merge into one loan. This will help prevent confusion with payout dates;

· For some reason, the level of solvency fell, and therefore the ability to produce systematic payments under the loan agreement disappeared;

· Once in the past you made a loan agreement in

· You need to conclude a new loan agreement on conditions that would be more profitable than previous ones, but the banking firm does not want to give you consent to it.

The advantages of the product «Restrain with delay» from «Haton

· Lack of risks;

· Rate level — 7%;

· The time of registration and conclusion of the contract — 1 calendar day;

· Loan in the amount of 95% of the price of the property or in cash equivalent — 500 million rubles;

· Documents: passport of the Russian Federation and SNILS.