Renewing a credit card

Bank cards with credit funds are a good solution for shopping, without waiting for the salary. For most, this type of loan has become the usual style of life. But due to the fact that the economic conditions in the world deteriorated due to the COVID-19 virus, many have lost their income, and someone and at all work, credit card obligations it became impossible to perform. What to do in such a situation? After all, I do not want to form debts and all the more fines for non-payment. The optimal option will be the program

To date, the company offers the following conditions:

· Interest rate on

· Credit amount — up to 10 million rubles;

· Period of waiting for an answer from a credit and financial organization — up to 1 day.

Mediation Agency

· Age restrictions from 21 years to 75 years;

· Russian citizenship;

· Period using a loan at least 3 months;

· There are no existing loan agreements in microfinance companies;

· There are no overdue payments on past loan agreements in a period of more than 30 days.

What documents will need to take with you if you decide to come to the company’s office

· Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;

· A package of documents on a loan that is subject to the re-issuance procedure.

It is worth adding that in the process of obtaining consultation, a specialist can ask some other documents; Everything will depend on what exactly you choose a credit program.

What are the advantages of a credit card refinancing product

The borrower will have the opportunity to reduce the financial burden, i.e., with the help of renewal, the monthly debt payment will be reduced and the payment will be less expensive from the family budget.

You can postpone the amount of debt to another financial institution where you can offer more interesting conditions.

Raise the loan size or the period of the loan action for your own needs.

You get a chance to pay off a loan without overpayment.

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