Refinancing loan and its features

Using loans becomes an integral part of the life of the population. Getting a loan in a banking institution solves many diverse issues and problems: the acquisition of the house, auto, household appliances, the organization of travel and much more. Thanks to

What to do if you have

· The presence of several loan agreements that were taken in different financial companies, and have different conditions of use that would be more convenient to fold and combine in

· In the situation of the crisis, due to the Pandemic of Coronavirus COVID-19, the amount of cash revenues decreased, and therefore it became difficult to respond on credit obligations, and there is no possibility to fully implement the established payment once a month;


Solve each question will immediately help the application of the service of dedusion or refinancing consumer loan.

What is the refinancing process?


Pros of the conclusion of the refinancing agreement in the company

· Interest rate level

· Maximum reduction in the minimum payment according to the compiled repayment schedule;

· Increased period Providing loan

· The ability to cancel the mandatory procedure for insurance of a credit amount, alternatively, the return of the monetary amount of insurance;

· There is no need to search for familiar or friends who need to be asking for guarantors;

· Do not provide a deposit as collateral;

· Refinancing amount limit

· Time for consideration of approval — 1 day;

· An ordinary list of documents for registration: a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, a refinanted loan agreement.

What is the real use of the use of the contract

· Tangible reduction in the amount of monthly loan payments. If the loans took a loan for a long period of time, the risk of non-payment of a monthly payment due to a possible change in the client’s solvency. Such a situation is due to an unstable economic situation in the state and the world, which is why the borrower may lose their job, or will receive a smaller salary. Increasing the number of months for a smooth repayment of a loan debt, a decrease in the bet — contributes to a reduction in the loan load for the borrower.

· Summation of debts on all existing loans to one common loan. Combining loans in one loan helps not confuse in the conditions of loan agreements taken in different credit and financial institutions and prevent the delay in the mandatory payment. The delay service will help solve this issue.

· Change interest rates in a smaller side. If the Bank’s creditor, when concluding a loan agreement, proposed a high percentage of the board and the client responsibly performed the payment rules, the borrower has the right to reduce interest rates. To do this, contact the company brokerage services

· Termination of the accumulation from pledge. As a rule, the amount of interest rate on the unsecured loan is higher than that of loans on housing or car. The refinancing program ensures the release of the subject of pledged from the limit measures. After receiving the contract, the property object fully passes into possession.

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