Rapid change in deposits per week

V. V. Putin instructed urgently to consider banking institutions how to support the support of the part of the population who had to lose money from deposit accounts. The President gave instructions to officials and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to resolve the issue of applying additional events to help the population lost their cash accumulation. A complete list of all orders is placed on

Responsible persons who will have to

If the banking system fails and certain banks will no longer be able to have a license to carry out activities, including

Ministry of Finance

According to experts, the return of money from deposits will be not easy. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the volume of the insured available amount is not important if the bank that went bankrupt does not have assets for compensation. Analysts are perplexed for what reasons the usual investor must endure the loss of his money in a credit and financial company that has previously received a license to work and has been inspected from the country’s main bank regulator.

In the future, if a citizen wants to place his money under the percentage, he can enter into a voluntary insurance contract for his money in order to protect himself from losing their own savings.