Pros of pledge without a requirement to provide a certificate of earnings

The main problem for many potential loans becomes

Financial broker

Program of a collateral loan without information about the availability of sources of income

It happens that it urgently took a large amount of money and no likely to ask familiar assistance and personal savings is not enough. The rapid signing of credit documents and the issuance of a large amount of money at the checkout is possible due to the work of highly qualified employees of the company

· Unofficial wages from the client, place of work without proper design;

· The loan will lead his job as

· Client for the unemployed.

It is important to find a lender to a reliable proven member of the loan product market. Firm

Pluses of appeal to «Haton

Responsible approach of financial specialists

The advantages of the program of pledge without references:

· No need to conduct a procedure for renewing real estate, the loan will have the right to remain further full owner of the property;

· The distribution of credit resources at its discretion on any needs (non-target loan);

· No need to make a request at the place of work on the provision of references indicating the amount of wages for

· Credit history with negative records, with the presence of active overdues does not become a factor of refusal, the firm tries to loyal to any group of clients;

· The amount offered by deposit has a larger size rather than in

· There is a possibility of obtaining a part (advance) under the loan agreement on the first day of consideration of the application;

· Convenient repayment schedule with monthly payments (compiled together with a consultant);

· The interest rate level is an order of magnitude lower, due to the reduction of the creditor’s risks.

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