Pledge of vehicle with negative credit dossier

It happens that sometimes we fall into such life situations when money is very necessary, and none of friends and loved ones have the opportunity to help us in this, and they are uncomfortable to ask them. If you contact a bank organization, then there will be a certificate, with the help of which employees of the Bank make sure that the client works and the client systematically accrues payroll. In addition, the Bank will definitely ask for information on the information of the credit history at least

What to do and what measures to do if

If the client decides to seek help to a financial broker for the design of various types of lending products

Financial organization

a) the right of ownership of the vehicle is maintained for a borrowed;

b) The service life of the car starting from the year of release should not be more than 30 years. PST remains with a borrower

(c) Cash receipt of cash in the amount of 95% of the price T / s;

d) The auto assessment is made in place and based on the diagnostic results are set by the credit limit.

Interest rate on the loan secured by T / C

What is the obvious advantage of contacting the financial service company «Haton

We listen to the requests of citizens when entering cooperation and consider it

If necessary, if the borrower asks, the company will remove the compulsory amount of the loan amount from the package of documents. Or another option is possible: to carry out insurance, but with the subsequent refund of money on the insurance contract, which will save the creditor to

We do not refuse people who have turned out to be without an official place of work and do not ask documents with numbers about s / n. We are more interested in real incomes you have, so we have developed a special scoring system to assess the financial consistency of the client, with the help of which, as a rule,

Managers are designed to accompany borrowers throughout the entire period of lending, and if necessary, respond to all issues and doubts.

Lack of prepayments and advance contributions. Payment of work on the fact of availability.