Payback for «other people’s» debts: how customers get into the paws of sweat

Fraud flourishes everywhere. His a lot in the field of lending. People who urgently need money are coming to the risk zone, and large banks for some reason do not make approval for the provision of a loan. In such situations, a person is forced to contact dubious creditors.

For adventure schemes, both those who never took money in the duty of bank institutions in their lives. How does this happen?

It is sad that there are schemes in which their blood has to give for «other people’s» debts.

Danger lies in information technology. On the Internet, we pay utility payments, mobile communications, make purchases and business operations. Most often, good entrepreneurs become victims, managers forced to send their passports through the network scans.

Banks make verification. However, to make a loan on someone else’s passport fraudsters sometimes succeed.

Contact proven microfinance organizations and banks. Do not send photos with your passport and do not leave a passport as a deposit. If you need a loan, contact Haton Credit. All information about us is indicated on our website.