New procedure for cash payments dismissed employees due to the elimination of organizations

It became known that since August 13, workers who quit because of the fact that their organization conducts

At the legislative level

Publication of the list of amendments in

How is the cash payment of the monthly method

If it happened so that the employee could not find a new job for himself, he would be able to make an appeal on the issue of money transfer no later than

· 2 months as a citizen has not yet been able to find an option where it is difficult to work;

· 3 months as a citizen officially quit. The main condition is the body that deals with the issues of employment should decide to extend the cash payments in the amount of average wages.

Those who hit the difficult situation and could not make the appeal on time, you can take

After which time the organization will be obliged to pay

The employer will have exactly 15 days so that it makes pay for the necessary funds to the employee’s account after he serves

How will the one-time payment of cash to employees

In order for the company to do not have to make a material payment several times its employee, there is permission to make a one-time transfer of compensation, which will be equal to 2 average earnings.

How would this happen?

That is, you can immediately make the employee and for the second, and for the third month. If the employer has already been calculated for 2 months of the device to work, it will be included in the amount of a lump sum payment.