Most of the citizens still can not get paid from the government at 10,000 rubles

The Russian government is trying to take measures to support the population during the economic crisis in the country. Most of the population has lost its work, many things have become nothing to pay for the apartment,

In connection with these circumstances, the FIU still continues to implement its cash payments in the amount of

Talk about what needs to be done to get a social assistance

One of the important conditions for social assistance from the state is

What errors are often recorded when applying for money payments in the amount of 10,000 rubles and what are the reasons for refusal

The submitted statement has no right to exercise such a payment. Why? This may be due to the fact that the children and the applicant himself are citizens of another country, or at the moment now their place of residence is somewhere abroad. The absence of parental law may also be the reason for refusing.

Incorrect filling of fields in a statement in terms of child information. It can be a name that needs

Invalid digit in the date of birth.

Wrong reduction.

Inaccurate data on the acts record. For example, the parent erroneously can write a birth certificate number instead of the acts.

Very inattentively citizens relate to the instructions of bank details. For example, you need to register the current account, but the card numbers are written. Also an important moment: make sure that


The algorithm of action is simple: here you clarify to whom I did, and for whom did not come for some kind of causes (typo in information in the application). You will need