Mortgage lending without first payment

The presence of your home or apartment is one of the important components of the life of an adult. But far from everyone there is a big amount of funds, so it is not always possible to purchase real estate. The optimal solution in order not to wait for years when the desired amount of money accumulates and it will be possible to afford to buy the housing you like — is

With a probability of 99.9%, you will receive a profitable agreement to purchase the desired real estate object with the condition for providing the lowest interest rate.

To date, the company offers

· Rate level from 4.5% with the ability to do even less to it;

· The permissible limit of the credit amount up to 300 million rubles;

· The time consideration of the application for issuing such a mortgage — 1 day;

· Implementation of the initial payment does not matter.

The essence of mortgage loans

There is an opinion that

Mortgage lending from the company «Haton

The lender is entitled to issue an agreement on receipt

Apartment taken under the mortgage program automatically goes into your property. But do not forget that until the end of the contract, the property remains