Money transfers without compulsory SMS

Banking companies and financial institutions thought about simplifying and improving the safety of transfer of money. It became known that new technology is being developed, with which it is not necessary to customers to confirm the transactions implemented in the application on the smartphone.

A similar system for citizens tried to apply the Moscow Credit Bank in his work from May this year. Rest

In the bank «Opening» for customers in VIP status, operations are already available, where

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The program action method resembles the principle of the functioning of an electronic digital signature, which first defines the identity of the document in electronic format.

What is the program without SMS confirmation

· The program will be stored in the memory of the mobile phone;

· No need to receive a one-time password once again;

· SMS notifications will stop coming;

· Do not confirm the translation or payment through the transaction in the account.

The technology is convenient because the client saves time, does not make unnecessary actions on his smartphone: until the SMS message is received until it enters the required code for the subsequent account operation. The program allows not afraid of the client’s finance preservation that can intercept the attackers and use for their own purposes, and is also a reliable option to eliminate the loss of confidential information.


According to the cybersecurity department of the Central Bank of Russia, there is the following statistics for 2019: fraudsters through unauthorized access were carried out in an account

The main advantage of the program is the lack of the need to use confirmation codes, in connection with this, protection against possible illegal interception of SMS communications by third parties. It is recommended to be careful and not forget that you can always lose your mobile device, and no one is insured against theft. Therefore, when setting an application where a citizen plans to conduct actions in his account, it is necessary to invent