Management for just registered entrepreneurs;

In this article, we will touch on the issue of keeping your business for those who decided to become an IP, and how to take borrowed funds to develop their business.

Those who registered as

The IP does not cancel your rights and duties as just an individual.

The IP are owners of their case, lead it and develop, the ultimate goal of the entire process put extraction from this certain level of profit.

What tax liabilities appear at IP



You do not need to keep accounting accounting. The only thing will have to buy

Insurance contributions

IP should not forget about payments to the country’s insurance fund, and this is in PF and FFOMS:

Further! Each entrepreneur has a goal — to become successful in his field, actively develop ideas and be the most useful for society.

What if not enough funds for normal investments in the activities and its development?

If you are as IP intend to go to the first positions in your area among competitors, it is clear that you will need large investments not only time, energy, but also money. If you understand that finance is not enough for decent maintenance of business, there is an option to apply to a credit and financial company that

The following credit proposals are often applied to the provision of borrowed funds of entrepreneurship and IP:

· Factoring;

· Leasing;

· Investment loan;

· Letterred.

There are options with the provision of pledge and without. In the first case, the Bank will be more willing to conclusion with you a contract. Here you can set as the subject of the pledge:

· T / s;

· Real estate object;

· equipment;

· Special equipment;

· Material reserves;

· Land plots;

· securities.

In the brokerage agency