Loan secured by the land

Loan secured by the land

Lack of own funds and the need to acquire a planned thing requires an operational solution. For example, you can seek help from a private investor, or use the services of a microcredit firm, as well as to come to the banking institution and make a suitable loan. The most advantageous option is to obtain the amount of borrowed funds

Features of the loan secured by the land plot

· A plot of ILS can be used as a mortgage property. The creditor will need to provide all the papers that will be able to prove the fact of possession of this object. Be sure to present the passport of the Russian Federation and the insurance policy;

· Age restrictions: The term of the loan agreement should not expire later than the moment you will be 65 years old, but also under 21 years old can also be. There are difficulties for married couples who already have children;

· Target loan with mortgage property does not exceed 100 million rubles. Rate on banking firms on average — 8 or 9%.


Employees of the company in a short time will analyze your capabilities and accordingly will pick up suitable for your situation

As a rule, the percentage of answers, where the financial broker sends the official agreement on lending reaches reaches