Loan on the terms of providing pledge to pensioners

Loan on the terms of providing pledge to pensioners

As a rule, a small part of the citizens who reached retirement age in the power to postpone some large savings from funds that the state pays them. Because of this, pensioners cannot always afford to realize their needs or satisfy certain desires. Therefore, for such a case, it will be relevant to a credit and financial company, where it would be possible to make themselves

Why should I contact the company «Haton Credit»

Cooperation with borrowers who once could have problems with loan payments and deteriorated on the basis of a loan dossier;

We are ready to offer loans with a reduced interest rate;

By contacting us, you will save your own time and forces, there is no need to look for the bank and adjust to its conditions (collect a large package of documents and prove your solvency);

We have the opportunity for pensioners not to enter into insurance contracts. Thanks to this, you will have 20% of savings from payments;

You are given a personal consultant who will lead you throughout the entire action of the loan agreement;

Even if you fail to refuse several financial organizations before this, we will help you choose a suitable loan offer and place exactly from us.

Conditions for obtaining loan pensioners on bail

· To take a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, as well as reduss;

· To have a document of certificate of ownership of property, or you can make an extract from EGRN.