Lending in the amount of 500,000 rubles

Consumer loans

Registration of applications for 500,000 rubles

Emboss instantly

The Bank’s consent will be adopted under the following circumstances:

· With the lack of certificate of income and employment document.

· There is no overdue debt to utilities and other organizations.

· Do not look for guarantors and provide something in a deposit.

· The presence of spoiled ki (credit history).

· The presence of existing loans.

· There are overdue payments on existing loan agreements.

Brokerage firm Despite the presence of the above factors will be able to provide money for use under the appropriate percentage. The main difference of the company is that the conditions provided to potential borrowers differ from the policy of the credit market. To identify

Consumer loans of the Haton Credit broker do not carry a certain target orientation and are issued for a short time, on the basis of which the client already decides that it is to spend the bank’s money to spend him. The client is not obliged to provide information to the lender for what needs he took a loan.

The most important thing is that the lender is interested, this is how responsible and in a timely manner will pay the borrower monthly loan amounts. Debt repayment within the specified period, payment without penalties, successful full payment of all debt with interest, — all this will have a positive effect on KI, will increase the level of customer rating, as well as a bidder will be able to go to the status