Lending features in the amount of 700,000 rubles

The ability to use alternative financing options for your needs is almost every citizen of the Russian Federation. How effective and beneficial transactions on loan agreements directly depends on the bank-lender and the conditions that it can offer. As a rule, the borrower has no free time to explore all the offers of the credit market and not enough experience in order to understand what financial institutions should be cooperating. What to do the client when he needs

The Haton Credit broker is an organization, the main task of which is to offer the client the most attractive conditions for making a loan transaction. The company in its work puts priorities for the rapid and convenient maintenance of each loan. There is no need before going to a specialist of the company, collect a large package of documents and think about what a credit history (ki) has formed. Let even you

What advantages if you make a loan in «Haton

Brokerage organization has not been working for a long time on old schemes adopted in banking practice. The situation in the modern world is mainly taken into account. An important principle is the loyalty and the use of all sorts of means to obtain the most optimal and appropriate option for each citizen. The number of agreements on the provision of a loan reaches

Pros and advantages of cooperation

· Comfortable and individual conditions under loan agreements in the amount of 700,000 rubles and higher;


· Differentiated assessment of each application from the client, with the selection of attractive conditions;

· Issuance of a loan at your own discretion;

· The borrower has the right to independently make a schedule of payments and the type of monthly payments;

· Fast decision on request (about 15 minutes);

· Early closure of a loan account in a bank without moratorium and fines.

There is no need to look for a person who could act as a guarantor, order a document confirming the availability of official income for loan

Lending conditions by 700,000 rubles.

The Brokerage Company «Haton Credit» has developed its client assessment strategy. There are a special scoring selection system, which draws attention to absolutely all the indicators of a potential loan. There are indirect data on customer solvency, thanks to which the probability of obtaining the Bank’s consent increases.

Conditions granting a loan in 700,000 rubles

· Confirmation of Russian citizenship;

· Age 21 — 70 years;

· Providing two documents certifying the identity of the client.

Filling out the application

Company «Haton Credit»

Maximum amenities for any customer turned into a minimum time — the credit program from the Financial Broker «Haton Credit». We cooperate with a large number of major and reliable banks in Russia, which makes it possible to improve the system of interaction with absolutely all citizens.