Lenders etching debtors!

When issuing a loan or loan, it is impossible to offer a borrower to sign an agreement that he is willing to communicate with the lender more often than the law. Such an informational letter issued a bank of Russia.

The letter is addressed to banks, microfinance organizations (MFIs), credit consumer cooperatives (PDAs) and agricultural CCP.

Earlier, the federal bailiff service (FSSP) issued an explanation for collectors, which such an agreement, when issuing a loan or loan, is not legal. It contradicts the law, violates the rights of consumers of financial services and diminishes human dignity.

The rules for communication of creditors and collectors with borrowers are spelled out in the law on debt collection rules. For example, debtors cannot be called more often than once a day and send them more than two text messages per day.

You can change this schedule only if the borrower has already crushed the payment of debt and appealed to its restructuring.

If collectors violate your rights, complain about FSSP. If you think that your rights violated the Bank, MFIs or PDAs, contact Russia.

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