Is it possible to pay off a mortgage maternal capital without a bank?


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According to the official, families who signed a mortgage agreement with such companies, will not be able to dispose of their capital as

The idea of the law was born in the previous year, but at that time the Government of the Russian Federation was not interested in it. However, today the Government Commission reviewed his views and decided to support the legislative act, which was developed

The initiative of officials will support the state apparatus, and in particular: the State Duma Committee on Labor, social politicians, as well as for veterans. Most parties believe that such a decision is relevant and deserves special attention for more detailed study. This program should recruit a large number of votes so that additional edits and changes in the relevant regulatory acts in legislation are made.

The essence of maternal capital

According to the legislation of the Government of the Russian Federation, the materials of the Matkapalo have a strictly targeted purpose and can be used for spending in the following areas:

· Events to improve the conditions of housing: repair and other;

· Conducting measures to form a parent pension in the future;

· Financing of children’s education;

· Paying for purchases (goods and services) necessary to adapt in society for children with disabilities;

· The process of integrating a disabled child in society.

From April 15 2020

Government program to provide the necessary measures to support families who have children, through the Matkapali in Russia, began its action