In Russia, will reduce the initial payment on mortgage loans

It became known that it is possible to citizens who plan to issue mortgage lending to reduce the first installment by almost 25%.

In Russia, the government planned to reduce the amount of the initial payment on

The document on the reduction of the starting fee on preferential mortgage lending was signed by authorities, and in particular Mikhail Mishustin put his signature on the decree, which regulates the procedure for reducing the first payment for citizens.

What are the essential advantages of this state

It is worth noting that this is the second time the government strengthens the principles of loyalty for potential borrowers.

With this prerogative, up to 50% of the demand from the total number of customers of real estate facilities is provided.

Let’s remember what measures have been taken for citizens

In April V. V. Putin, Russian President announced the implementation of the project

Why was the decision taken?

Such a program will be applicable to lending agreements that have been concluded from April 16, including a mortgage that citizens will be able to

In June, they decided to raise limits from 8 to 12 million rubles, and for the rest of the population from 3 to 6 million rubles, respectively.

Effect of state support

Mortgage lending on a preferential basis had its impact on the demand for the sale of housing objects. That is, many Russians are Smoli to afford to issue a program of a preferential mortgage and acquire one’s own housing, and banks will correct their indicators for the sale of mortgage products.