In Russia, it is planned to introduce a child benefit in the amount of 11 thousand rubles

It is worth starting an article with the fact that a very large number of citizens suffered in terms of money due to the coronavirus epidemic: the monthly income dropped sharply, and someone just disappeared work, people have nothing to pay for life, including some kind of

Now families in which children have a new opportunity to get paid from the state in the amount of 11 thousand rubles, while the age of the child should be

This initiative is designed to provide material support to those families, where income does not reach the indicator of 2 subsistence minima, as well as those parents who are engaged in raising the child completely alone.

When the Russians will come to the cards

Official Svetlana Bessarab declares that this offer will be able to enter into force closer to the next year. The only thing, it will be necessary to wait until discussions and meetings will be held on this topic and some specific results will be known.

At the moment, the amount of benefits for citizens who have children are 50% of the subsistence minimum, i.e. equals

Who got 15 000 rubles?

The family in which children grow and have no more than 3 years have been able to get a power supply in the amount of 15 thousand rubles. In order to support citizens in difficult times and

It’s important to know!

In order to receive every month to receive payment from the state to your bank card, the FIU advises in advance to fill out applications for the social platform and send them to the relevant bodies. It is recommended to fill in the application fields maximum correctly and correctly, since due to inaccuracies in the information, the periods of consideration with payments are made.

The mechanism for making money enrollment to families will occur from August and will end in September. The payment process will depend on this when the family will submit its application.

Receiving applications still continues.