In Russia, increased payments for citizens of the retirement age

From August 1, the country decided to increase the amount of state payments of workers to citizens who have reached the retirement age.

And this is definitely joyful news! After all, now the pensioner in Russia will be able to manage more by its finances, which will always be needed, for example, to pay for utility, education, buying clothes, food,

So, how much will be in the monetary equivalent to allow to ordinary payments

Poster to pension deductions on the results of the adjustment will be solely individual. What does it mean? Let’s figure it out!

The amount of payment will be determined on the basis of how many pensioner received wages in 2019.

It is important how much the employer has occurred by the employer to the insurance fund.

What is the size of the accrued retired coefficients.

This is how the amount of funds for pension payments to a specific citizen will be determined.

I must say that from August 1 installed

It can be remembered that in 2016 a moratorium was introduced in the Russian Federation to carry out the indexation of pension payments to citizens who work. This suggests that a citizen will be able to obtain an increased amount of pension contributions only after it dissolves.

And yet the government rightly noticed that the pension may be depreciated due to the growth of inflation, therefore, once a year decided to conduct its indexation to the level, which would not be less than the inflationary indicator. In addition to pension programs, the state also thought about

What can say the statistics body of the Russian Federation, taking the period in the first six months in 2020 and evaluating the growth of pensions.

Specifically in numbers!

The average level of pensions for Russians at the beginning of the summer of this year was equal to 15,019 rubles. This is 0.1% more money, if compared with mare, and with a ratio with what was 1 year ago by 6.2% higher. In the first half of 2020, the average pension deductions in the annual ratio increased by 5.9%.

But the real size according to the analysis of the statistics of Russia fell by 0.1% in relation to May, and increased by 2.9% for the year. We can say the following:


Sergey Mironov, a representative of «Fair Russia», made an initiative that aims to implement measures to conduct confiscation of citizens’ funds that are engaged in corruption schemes. These events contributed to the ability to increase the amount of pension.