How to get credit funds if no work

The cash provided in debt use helps to solve many questions such as: urgent purchase of technology, payment of medical services, payments for education, long-awaited repair and much more. But in order for you to make such a contract, thanks to which it would be possible to get the required amount

In which case, you should seek help

Microfinance firms are not supporting those clients who have no necessary papers with confirmation of their financial stability. As a rule, it is more convenient for them, as soon as possible to conclude an agreement with you, and then for high interest to get paid on debt, thereby increasing the profit of your office. If we are talking about more serious institutions as banks, here such a scheme will not work. If the client cannot confirm the fact of employment and systematic payroll — with such a client, the banking company will not work, especially if he needs a major loan. It will actually appeal to support for a brokerage company through which

Conditions for the provision of a loan to the non-working client in the company «Haton

· Interest rate from 7.2%;

· The loan amount can reach 15 million rubles;

· The period of consideration of the application for the provision of loans to 1 hour;

· Ability to not include insurance contract, and refund for insurance for insurance.