How to conclude a contract for lending at 2 million rubles

Customer credit

How to make a loan of 2 million rubles?

Before you fill out an application for granting

· The client does not need to look for certificates of wages and show to verify employees of the company;

· There is no need to ask friends who could act as a guarantor;

· Accepted options with informal income;

· No matter what credit history;

· It does not matter how much credit contracts currently;

· The fact of the debt obligation to government agencies is also not a hindrance.

The entire above list of circumstances will become a significant reason for you to give a refusal only if you applied to the bank immediately or another financial institution. But in the financial broker

A package of documents for the provision of a consumer lending program is preparing for

It is always necessary to remember that consumer loan of 2 million rubles can help in a situation of permanent failures by banks and other organizations. When you get a major loan and you will regularly make payments on the last time, then you will have positive entries in a credit dossier and accordingly increases the rating as a creditor. Working team of the company