How many banks in the Russian Federation?

In many of us, when contacting this or that bank, in order to take a loan by the guarantee of a car or a loan on the security of real estate, at least once a problem arose with the choice of a bank due to their large number.

And accordingly, the question arises, and how many banks in Russia in Russia?

From an existing number to large, only 336 can be attributed. Of these, only 314 have headquarters in the capital. So, for 39 thousand people of the population of Moscow accounts for only one bank — this is due to the organization, and not the number of offices and units. Speaking about the regions, it can be said that the overwhelming number of banks in Russia is registered in its European part, but for the Urals (Ural, Northern, Far Eastern district) are catastrophically a little. But it was in the territories of these regions that the main natural wealth of the country are concentrated.