How does the unemployed get a loan for consumer needs?

We will help urgently find money, even if your status is «unemployed.» What you officially do not work is not yet a reason to refuse you in the loan.

Banking institutions require a certificate from the current place of work and the experience of at least 3 months. However, there are microfinance organizations, credit unions and some banks that give consumer loans on normal conditions and without income certificate.

Loan is unemployed — why it is possible

The status of the official unemployed in our country does not always mean that a person does not work and has no income. Financial organizations understand this. Therefore, consciously go into risks and issues loans without confirming documents on solvency.

The law allows you to lend individuals using the company’s own funds. The question is to find such organizations and get a loan on favorable terms.

Probability of approval 99%

Appeal to Haton Credit will allow you to get a loan money with a probability of approval of 99%. We cooperate with many financial organizations and credit unions, we know the conditions for lending in each of them and offer you the most favorable credit payments.

Consideration of the application within an hour

You need a minimum of documents: Passport and SNILS. From us — a minimum of time for consideration of the application. The established system of partnerships, the automation of business processes allows for 1 hour to find an organization, ready to give you a loan. Get money on the day of handling.

Up to 18 million rubles in cash or on the map

We will help you make a large purchase or pay the desired service, even if you are unemployed. We offer to familiarize yourself with all the information on