Financial analysts made an initiative not to advertise credit products

If you do not understand, then we will talk about really serious things. The question about advertising loans has reached the fact that they began to compare with such goods as alcoholic beverages, tobacco products.

Why raised the issue of termination of the broadcast of commercials about lending

At first



Such conclusions made financiers.

Standard Standards Advertising Video

As a rule, these are happy older people who, thanks to the retirement lending program, can afford to make the purchase of giving for their children, or satisfied students who can now pay for their education with the help of a new profitable loan product.

Everything looks easy and easy. But the main problem of filing a video clip is that the information is submitted unreliable, especially regarding the part where the peculiarity of the return of debt and interest is negotiated.

Credit and financial organizations should think about social responsibility and transparency of their advertisements. And if the bankers in reality it does not work, it will have to introduce a ban on advertising lending.

What does overseas experience say

Very bright example of advertising in the field


In order not to get into the debt to the pit and cooperate with honest banks, feel about lending to full seriousness and take weighted solutions.