Features of the loan of 3.5 million rubles

It is very important to understand how it is the process of lending in the amount of

How is the loan design of 3.5 million rubles?

Financial broker

If you have questions about how to choose a suitable loan product, and than all site offers are different from each other, you can call a company employee that can help in choosing and respond to each exciting question.

As soon as you received a positive response from the financial organization next step will be — come to the office

After the conclusion of the contract, get the desired amount of funds at the checkout.

It must be remembered that the lending program in the financial broker


· Negative records in credit history;

· Overdue payments, fines and penalties in previous loan agreements;

· Large existing loan load;

· No stable earnings;

· There is a debt obligation to government agencies.

§ certificate of earnings 3 or 6 months;

§ a document reflecting the fact of employment in a certain organization;

§ certificate that there is no criminal record;

§ appropriate documents with reflection of individuals who could act as guarantors and so on.

To carry out the execution of a personal credit agreement on personal use must have only