Did you refuse a loan?

The economic situation in the country is very heavy. The population has disappeared a year after year and there is no lumen. Naturally, to maintain a worthy standard of living, people turn to banks for loans. However, not everyone gives them.

Consumer credit

Many banks largely advertise the possibility of obtaining a consumer loan at low rates and for 1 day, but when contacting, even bank clients receive failures. What is it connected with?

The reasons for the failure is a huge set. For your application to be approved by the Bank, it must pass through the hands of many people who make a decision, assessing all possible risks. An ideal credit history does not guarantee at all that you will be credited. Refuse even perfect customers with a good credit history over the years. A minor error in the application may be a refusal. Even the poor mood of the bank manager! You just externally, you can not like him, and he will put an application for refusal.

And what to do those who need a big amount of cash? 5 million rubles and more?

It is extremely difficult to get this amount in one bank, it is necessary to fully pass on the bank’s regulation, which is not all can.

The prevailing majority of people work unofficially, or get a small salary, and the remaining amount in gray. Accordingly, such clients for the bank are not fragility, very risky and such a refusal immediately, or do not even accept a loan application.

From October 1, 2019, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

What to do?

If you have no active delay in existing loans, it is worth contacting the credit broker. Haton Credit is your bank lawyer. Employees of this company will help help and help approve a bank loan for the best conditions. Considerate the desired bid and loan period. The help of brokers to get every year more and more and more. People are treated for various reasons, but most often to avoid driving on banks and paper rolls. Moreover, the payment of the services of the Broker Haton loan on the fact of receiving cash in the bank. What is very convenient, the client in this case does not risk anything and receives a guaranteed positive result.

Guaranteed to help you get any credit in the bank of Moscow at the best conditions!