Credit of 500,000 rubles and its impact on credit history

From state

· Delay.

· Fines, penalties.

· Immissoned amounts on loans and so on.

In this case, an individual can solve the situation

Credit of 500,000 rubles, consequences for ki

The client must have a good story.

Broker «Haton

Haton Credit company

· Consideration of an application for a large amount of a loan with a low percentage (7.2%).

· No requirements for paying any prepayments.

· Payment service broker is carried out only on the fact of obtaining a loan, otherwise the company will not take anything from the client.

· There is no need to walk on various banking institutions to collect information on credit proposals.

· Credit design is possible without the inclusion of mandatory cash insurance, or it will be possible to make an application for refund on the insurance contract.

· Conducting a deal with leading banks of Russia.

· Information on the best options for calculating the payment schedule.