Credit in the amount of 600,000 rubles and the formation of credit history

Each financial or banking organization before giving consent to the issuance of a loan should be a request to the BKA (credit history bureaus) to receive credit history (ki)

In this article, we will consider how it can change KI, if a citizen wants

Brokerage organization Haton.

Assessment of the client’s attractiveness is carried out on the basis of the so-called scoring point, in other words, rating. When a citizen wants to get a loan for a certain amount, he comes to the bank, where his employee creates a questionnaire. According to the results of the responses, the point of attractiveness of a possible borrower is awarded. The deadline for receiving funds from the cashier is one day.

What affects credit history:

The presence of credit cards (overdraft). The main thing in time is repayment.


Loans for small amounts. If the client often uses such products — this is an indicator that it is unreliable.

the rejection of the bank is negatively affected by the quality of history.

Installment through the store is not considered as the subject of ki.

Refinancing. Determined as a regular loan.

Restructuring has a bad effect on history.

Credit holidays. If the client applied them to a possible delay, there are no impact on the formation of ki.