Credit holidays reduced the growth rate of overdue debt under loan agreements

According to periodicals, the largest banking organizations of the state say that the measure of introduction


The legislation provided for the use of delay on credit payments to almost all types of loans, but it is worth noting that the size of the limits is set everywhere different. The limits system is based on the goal to be able to assist those layers of society that the most affected.

Limits on loans under the program «Credit Vacations»:

· Contract for consumer lending — 250 thousand rubles;

· Consumer loans for IP — no more than 300 thousand rubles;

· Car loans — 600 thousand rubles;


· Mortgage lending: Moscow — 4.5 million rubles, St. Petersburg, Moscow region and the Far East — 3 million rubles;

· The remaining settlements of the country in the mortgage — 2 million rubles.

As soon as the client begins to understand that it does not cope with the obligations

If a big credit load what to do

Delay can be used by all loan agreements immediately or separately. It is worth noting that most banking institutions in carrying out a credit deferment can freeze the credit bank card, which was issued in the same bank. Its period of action will be suspended exactly how much payments on the loan will be delayed under the credit holiday program. It is prohibited to use it, but it will be necessary to produce mandatory payments.